BACK TO THE FUTURE has nothing on us!!

The Prom,    The Prom,      The Prom

These two little words brought excitement to the life of the girls; but nothing but fear to the young man.

FEAR??? All the guy has to do was go into his closet and get out his Go-To-Church Suit or rent a tuxedo (depending on whether the Junior or Senior Prom) Oh, and transportation. Not all guys had cars, there were no limos and the bus was definitely out of the question.  Flowers!! not to worry, the girls will tell you exactly what to get.

Aahhh !!!  but the girl, she had so much to do.  The gown, the style, the color: heaven knows she could not wear a gown worn to a previous prom, GOD FORBID!  The guys could wear the same suit to every prom, no one would notice.  The girls, on the other hand, would never say to another female “Oh, I remember that gown from the last prom.” The eyes said it all.  Needless to say, you need another gown.  So, off to Bartram night school to learn how to sew.  Must not be seen in the same dress twice.  The same date is fine, the same dress? MORTAL SIN !!  The guys just had to change their ties.

Flowers:  Wrist Corsage, Nose Gay or Hand Bouquet??  Hair:  French Curls, Bouffant or Page Boy Fluff?? what a dilemma !!  Decades later; The cummerbund and bow tie must match the girl’s gown.  Once again, a concern for the girl.  Now, in this day and age, it’s Fingernails !!  Today’s proms are no longer in winter.  No Bunny Wraps or Faux Furs necessary, even gloves are optional, but Shoes, still so important for the guys and the girls. Dancing has changed over the years also.  We went from the Lindy Hop and Fox Trot, to the twist and the Mashed Potato, to the Limbo and the Bump.  Today there is a mixture of many eclectic dance moves.

Then there was the After Prom Party !!  where oh where??  Someone’s house, J&A Caterers on Broad Street or the Jersey Shore.  Decisions! Decisions!

MAY 14, 2016 affords each of us a chance to revisit these memories. Only this time, you don’t need a date, you can wear spaghetti straps or a strapless gown for that matter and Guess What?? NO CHAPERONES patrolling the bathrooms.  If you still smoke, you can go outside and you will be permitted back in.


So come and join us on this trip down “MEMORY LANE”. Put on your dancing shoes, and trip the light fantastic from the Big bands to Nene.  This will be a night to remember.  Come out and remember and reminisce and make wonderful new memories,  try out those new KNEES and HIPS and smile with those NEW PEARLY WHITES.  Let’s celebrate 100 Years of WEST CATHOLIC.  Let’s embrace the opportunity to enjoy OUR PROM one more time and let us always remain “FORVR YOUNG”

Order tickets on line:  click on events.  OR mail a stamped self addressed envelope to:

Peggy Sheffield Panichelli      OR     Bette McGrath Diedrich

17A Dutton Street                             870 Springhill Road

Ridley Park, PA 19078                      Secane, PA 19078

610-420-0987                                    610-420-0987