In Memoriam


The Alumnae Association would like to acknowledge the passing of our fellow graduates. Please let us know of any Alumnae who have passed away. You may notify us of the name and class by using our email,


Rest in Peace

Mary Hamer May, Class of 1938
Frances Hamilton O’Grady, Class of 1940
Margaret Mary Warren Finnaren, Class of 1941
Regina Temple Grandizio, Class of 1941
Catherine Randall Cooper, Class of 1942
Sr. Mary Agnes Loftus, IHM, Class of 1942
Dorothy Speese Lordt, Class of 1942
Evelyn Tiedeken Hosmer. Class of 1943
Margaret Mary Callaghan Donohue, Class of 1944
Mary Hughes Fitzsimmons, Class of 1944
Bernadette Melvin, Class of 1944
Phyllis Gillian Kane, Class of 1945
Helen Tygielski Morgan, Class of 1946
C. Patricia Davenport Turner, Class of 1946
Ernestine Maiden Parrott, Class of 1946
Marie Ambrose Withrow, Class of 1946
Regina Metler Grahill, Class of 1947
Teresa McAvoy Monroe, Class of 1947
Annetta (Nancy) Simon, Class of 1948
Dolores Coakley Kidd, Class of 1949
Regina O’Malley McFadden, Class of 1949
Margaret Coates McGinnis, Class of 1949
Jule Kleinz Biunno, Class of 1950
Frances Lyons Teesdale Cleary, Class of 1950
Anne Marie (Nancy) McCormick Dunn, Class of 1950
Mildred Dwyer Leinhauser, Class of 1950
Margaret Rooney McNicholas, Class of 1950
Sr. Miriam Irene Keenan, IHM, Class of 1951
Margaret DeLacy Andruszko, Class of 1953
Ruth Green Brown, Class of 1953
Lois Moffitt Ferry, Class of 1953
Sister Virginia Hasson, RSM, Class of 1955
Margie Reynolds Kelly, Class of 1955
Barbara Roletter McClay, Class of 1955
Patricia Sproul Hickey, Class of 1956
Alice A. Lavelle, Class of 1956
Dolores Shelinsky Sminkey, Class of 1956
Mary (Pat) Roarty Pastore, Class of 1958
Karolyn Allen, Class of 1959
Jean Marie Hughes Glisson, Class of 1959
Suzanne Shea Gallagher, Class of 1959
Cathleen (Cate) McLaughlin Truax, Class of 1959
Peggy Doyle Beckson, Class of 1960
Eleanor M. Whalen Halstead, Class of 1960
Catherine (Kay) McLaughlin Gentile, Class of 1961
Margaret Kerslake McMichael, Class of 1964
Barbara Fagan Snyder, Class of 1965
Barbara Brown Brough, Class of 1966
Elizabeth Flanagan Fink, Class of 1966
Helen Reed Reardon, Class of 1966
Diane Fetters, Class of 1970
Lorraine DiDonato Griffiths, Class of 1970
Maureen Breslin Heistand, Class of 1970
Donna Jafolla Pepe, Class of 1970
Barbara Jackson Kane, Class of 1976