In Memoriam


The Alumnae Association would like to acknowledge the passing of our fellow graduates. Please let us know of any Alumnae who have passed away. You may notify us of the name and class by using our email,


Rest in Peace

Catherine Mary Toner, Class of 1934
Betty O’Rourke McClave, Class of 1940
Anne Scott Nahm, Class of 1940
Josephine Polutro, Class of 1940
Sr. Thomas Bernard, IHM (Teresa Volpe), Class of 1941
Phyllis Petrilli Pronchik, Class of 1941
Margaret Mary Callaghan Donohue, Class of 1944
Bernadette Melvin, Class of 1944
Kathryn McCauley Dalcourt, Class of 1945
Phyllis Gillian Kane, Class of 1945
Gladys Hart McGovern, Class of 1945
Sr. Joseph Stauffer, IHM, Class of 1945
Ann McFadden Stuhlman, Class of 1945
Margaret (Moxie) Duffy McCutcheon, Class of 1947
Annetta (Nancy) Simon, Class of 1948
Barbara Spillane, Class of 1948
Catherine McGowan Thompson, Class of 1948
Sr. Marie St. James (Helen Nulty) IHM, Class of 1949
Jule Kleinz Biunno, Class of 1950
Theresa Graven (Sr. Clair Maureen, IHM), Class of 1950
Mary Leahy (sr. Anita Miriam, IHM), Class of 1950
Mildred Dwyer Leinhauser, Class of 1950
Eileen Kennedy McCarry, Class of 1950
Mary Elizabeth McBride Nugent, Class of 1950 
Rosemary Coleman Robinson, Class of 1951
Gloria Achlichlig Shreiner, Class of 1952
Sr. Madeline Dolores Farrell, IHM, Class of 1953
Lois Moffitt Ferry, Class of 1953
Eunice Mulligan Burke, Class of 1954
Maureen Kelly Egan, Class of 1955
Sr. Marion Hicks, SFCC, Class of 1955
Margie Reynolds Kelly, Class of 1955
Eileen McConlogue Glinski, Class of 1955
Rosellen Donovan Roberts, Class of 1955
Thomasina Boylan Conaway, Class of 1956
Peggy Nelson Frederick, Class of 1956
Alice A. Lavelle, Class of 1956
Theresa Boyle Mellon, Class of 1956
Shirley Costigan Phillis, Class of 1956
Jeanne Turner, Class of 1956
Carol McGinn McLaughlin, Class of 1957
Sr. Mary Rosina Burns, Class of 1958
Rita Cifone Desiderio, Class of 1958
Loretta Scarpone Sabatino, Class of 1958
Rosalie Cardarelli Saraco, Class of 1958
Karolyn Allen, Class of 1959
Emma Krieger Dutton, Class of 1959
Mildred Masine Greissamer, Class of 1959
Cathleen (Cate) McLaughlin Truax, Class of 1959
Mary Ellen O’Connell Morrisey, Class of 1959
Ann (Nancy) Prendergast Murray, Class of 1959
Margaret Ann Finnegan Donovan, Class of 1960
Barbara Ryan Grawl, Class of 1960
Eleanor M. Whalen Halstead, Class of 1960
Joan McKinney Havens, Class of 1960
Rosemarie Shevland Marley, Class of 1961
Maryann Liddy McCloskey. Class of 1961
Maureen Maloney, Class of 1962
Sarah Louise Fagen, Class of 1964
Donna Anne Greeley Ege, Class of 1964
Lorraine Trawka Smiley, ’64
Regina Caputto Harrel, Class of 1965
Clotilda (Claudia) Marchione, Class of 1965
Cass Mayberry Rafter, Class of 1965
Joan Denise Graham McMahon, Class of 1966
Eileen Murphy, Class of 1968
Patricia Fitzpatrick Barrett, Class of 1971
jacqueline Master Carlin, Class of 1971
Sr. Marie Cecile, IHM Year unknown
Sr. Michel Mullaney, IHM, Year unknown