In Memoriam

The Alumnae Association would like to acknowledge the passing of our fellow graduates. Please let us know of any Alumnae who have passed away. You may notify us of the name and class by using our email,


Rest in Peace


Teresa Walsh McMurrough
Ruth Mulligan, Class of 1937
Sr. Mary Jean Ritti, RSM, Class of 1937
Helen Mary Heppler Driscoll, Class of 1938
Mary Turner Smith, Class of 1939
Mary Petrini Tascione, Class of 1940
Sr. M. Margaret Elizabeth Jones, IHM, Class of 1940
Regina Donnelly Haley, Class of 1940
Rosemary Monks Colonna, Class of 1940
Mary Margaret DiCarlo McCarthy, Class of 1941
Rosemary Kerr Falls, Class of 1941
Winifred Burke DiDonata, Class of 1941
Anna Marie Foxberry, Class of 1942
Rita Dunleavy Reynolds, Class of 1942
Sr. Marian Teresa Brophy, Class of 1942
Sarah Leyden Sexauer, Class of 1943
Margaret Kearney DeAngelis, Class of 1946
Beatrice Tiley McGowan, Class of 1946
Josephine Cunningham, Class of 1946
Inez Coleman Terry, Class of 1947
Eleanor DiGiacomo Daly, Class of 1947
Mary Jane Kearney Massaro, Class of 1949
Marie Hinkle Busillo, Class of 1949
Mary Jane Stanford Kochuben, Class of 1949
Josephine Webb Rowley, Class of 1949
Mildred Cook Burns, Class of 1951
Joan Keise McGee, Class of 1951
Marie Fallon Gavula, Class of 1952
Barbara Cosgrove Lang, Class of 1953
Marie Lee Leibfreid, Class of 1953
Margie Reynolds Kelly, Class of 1955
Joan Fenton McNichol, Class of 1956
Katherine Agnes Mars Hamilton, Class of 1957
Elizabeth (Betsy) Williamson, Class of 1957
Mildred Hogan Murtaugh, Class of 1959
Patricia Harley Zellman. Class of 1959
Kathleen O’Malley Hills, Class of 1959
Ellen Grossweiler Murphy, Class of 1960
Geraldine Martin Vasilatos, Class of 1960
Judith Ann McCoy Roller-Fannin, Class of 1961
Elaine Caurso, Class of 1963
MaryAnn Evangelista Talley, Class of 1963
Pauline Seczech, Class of 1963
Pamela Ann McLeod, Class of 1964
Louise Yeager Colagreco, Class of 1964
Anna Marie McCullough Capps, Class of 1964
Patricia McFadden, Class of 1964
Maria Kokol Joyce, Class of 1964
Tina O’Toole Kingsmill, Class of 1965
Janet Farrell Leavy, Class of 1965
Helen Orme McAndrews, Class of 1967
Louise Bielli Tricker, Class of 1968
Joanne Glace Davey, Class of 1970
Jeanne Mielich Alper, Class of 1970
Jacqueline Chapman, Class of 1973
Dorothy Cox Peruto, Class of 1973
Susan Sansone Acerba, Class of 1976
Denise  “Little D” Canaris McAloon, Class of 1993