In Memoriam

The Alumnae Association would like to acknowledge the passing of our fellow graduates. Please let us know of any Alumnae who have passed away. You may notify us of the name and class by using our email,


Rest in Peace

Marie E. Hewson Boykin, Class of 1937
Lillian Mullen Daly, Class of 1938
Elizabeth McKinley Cashman, Class of 1939
Mary Elizabeth (Betty) Cassion Corrigan, Class of 1940
Ann McAneny Ronan, Class of 1942
Bernadette Melvin, Class of 1944
Eileen Marie Gallagher Sawyer, Class of 1945
Annetta (Nancy) Simon, Class of 1948
Mary Jane Timlin Harty, Class of 1948
Mary McKeon DiEgidio, Class of 1949
Mary Jean Kearney Massaro, Class of 1949
Doris Hilferty Banes, Class of 1950
Mildred Dwyer Leinhauser, Class of 1950
Della Mirra Teti, Class of 1950
Elizabeth (Betty) Scully Ulmer, Class of 1950
Lorraine DeCristifaro DiEva, Class of 1951
Agnes Marie Enright Long, Class of 1952
Ellen Marie Hays Cassidy, Class of 1952
Mary McKenna Clarke, Class of 1952
Jule Kleinz Biunno, Class of 1950
Mildred Dwyer Leinhauser, Class of 1950
Marie McCray, Class of 1954
Margie Reynolds Kelly, Class of 1955
Constance Panhuise Schaab, Class of 1955
Anna Tamburini Tinari, Class of 1955
Barbara Flatley MacDonald, Class of 1956
Mary McKenzie Coleman, Class of 1956
Adele Subbio Palm, Class of 1956
Kathleen Simpson Freas, Class of 1957
Marie Byrne Matson, Class of 1957
Bernadette Doyle Glenn, Class of 1958
Grace Ann McCarthy Miller, Class of 1958
Cathleen (Cate) McLaughlin Truax, Class of 1959
Eleanor M. Whalen Halstead, Class of 1960
Geraldine Ferrell, Class of 1961
Madeline Gallagher Parker, Class of 1962
Geraldine Smith, Class of 1962
Agnes Root Bergmark, Class of 1964
Kathleen Salerno Supplee, Class of 1964
Marilyn Sweeney Pauley, Class of 1964
Annamae McGuire Trigg, Class of 1965
Linda Mapp, Class of 1969
Christine Foster Quigley, Class of 1969
Katrina Smith, Class of 1969
Teresa Jordon Weldon, Class of 1970
Eileen Flanigan Blackmore, Class of 1971
Kathleen Sarsfield, Class of 1971
Margaret (Peggy) Ciarrocchi Malone, Class of 1973