In Memoriam


The Alumnae Association would like to acknowledge the passing of our fellow graduates. Please let us know of any Alumnae who have passed away. You may notify us of the name and class by using our email,


Rest in Peace

Marie Teresa Chiappardi Contreras, Class of 1935
Helen Theresa Buck Bradley, Class of 1939
Anne Scott Nahm, Class of 1940
Josephine Polutro, Class of 1940
Margaret Porter, Class of 1940
Sr. Thomas Bernard, IHM (Teresa Volpe), Class of 1941
Phyllis Lebano Dunn, Class of 1942
Margaret Mary Callaghan Donohue, Class of 1944
Bernadette Melvin, Class of 1944
Phyllis Gillian Kane, Class of 1945
Gladys Hart McGovern, Class of 1945
Marion Catherine McGrane, Class of 1946
Joan Martinelli Brunner, Class of 1948
Anne Quinn Buckingham, Class of 1948
Annetta (Nancy) Simon, Class of 1948
Patricia Dempsey Lee, Class of 1949
Jule Kleinz Biunno, Class of 1950
Louise Frederick Kelly, Class of 1950
Mildred Dwyer Leinhauser, Class of 1950
Lois Moffitt Ferry, Class of 1953
Mildred McGarvey Connell, ‘Class of 1953
Margaret Mary McElwee Roussin, Class of 1954
Marie McSorley Trainor, Class of 1954
Margie Reynolds Kelly, Class of 1955
Eileen McConlogue Glinski, Class of 1955
Mary V. McGlinn, Class of 1955
Carol McGoldrick Baldwin, Class of 1956
Kathleen McGee Cantrell, Class of 1956
Alice A. Lavelle, Class of 1956
Kathleen McDonough Rennix, Class of 1956
Jeanne Turner, Class of 1956
Karolyn Allen, Class of 1959
Emma Krieger Dutton, Class of 1959
Cathleen (Cate) McLaughlin Truax, Class of 1959
Dorothy O’Connor Wilson, Class of 1959
Geraldine Bonner DeFlavia, Class of 1960
Eleanor M. Whalen Halstead, Class of 1960
Maureen Kelly Moroney, Class of 1963
Rosemary Reed, Class of 1963
Sarah Louise Fagen, Class of 1964
Mary Lutz Izzo, Class of 1969
Ellen Campion Bamba, Class of 1974
Margaret DiValerio, Class of 1979
Marla Yvette Booker, Class of 1988