In Memoriam


The Alumnae Association would like to acknowledge the passing of our fellow graduates. Please let us know of any Alumnae who have passed away. You may notify us of the name and class by using our email,


Rest in Peace

Margaret Mary Callaghan Donohue, Class of 1944
Anna Rita Joyce Boyer, Class of 1947
Sr. Agnes Hughes, IHM, Class of 1948
Mary McCullough Kane, Class of 1948
Margaret Hughes Driscoll, Class of 1949
Sr. Clare DiGregorio, SSJ, Class of 1950
Catherine McDonnell Kane, Class of 1950
Mary Sherman Duffy, Class of 1951
Joan McCaffrey Falcone, Class of 1951
Laura McLoughlin McCandless, Class of 1951
Sr Judith Mary. IHM, Class of 1951
Eileen O’Hara Barclay, Class of 1952
Margaret Keenan McGonigal, Class of 1952
Alice Egan Balbierer, Class of 1953
Mary Richer Pawling, Class of 1953
Elizabeth Davis Brown, Class of 1955
Anna Generoso Cuozzo, Class of 1955
Dolores Smith Hicks, Class of 1955
Ann DiDonato Maguire, Class of 1955
Ann O’Donnell Migatz, Class of 1955
Frances Carretta Creighton, Class of 1956
Janice Dever, Class of 1956
Patricia Sproul Hickey, Class of 1956
Sr Shawn Marie Maguire, SND, Class of 1957
Eileen Dempsey Mamrol, Class of 1957
Madlyn Brown Hunter, Class of 1958
Dorothy Monaghan Lewis, Class of 1958
Babbetta (Betty) Lewis Aiello, Class of 1959
Margaret (Peggy) Smith Brown, Class of 1959
Kathryn Kennedy Kirk, Class of 1960
Dolores Finney Saunders, Class of 1961
Maryann McNulty Testa, Class of 1962
Helene Kelly DiVito, Class of 1963
Rita Creedon Riddle, Class of 1963
Kathleen D’Annunzio McCafferty, Class of 1964
Lorraine Giacinto DiPietro, Class of 1966
Phyliss Doyle, Class of 1966
Maryellen Mayberry, Class of 1966
Joyce Grygos Hall, Class of 1967
Anna Schaab Bobst, Class of 1969
Kellie Anne Kennedy, Class of 1986