In Memoriam


The Alumnae Association would like to acknowledge the passing of our fellow graduates. Please let us know of any Alumnae who have passed away. You may notify us of the name and class by using our email,


Rest in Peace

Rita Duffy Henderson, Class of 1932
Marie Teti, Class of 1932
Mary Elwell Howrie, Class of 1940
Margaret Mary Warren Finnaren, Class of 1941
Mary Ann Cox Casciato, Class of 1942
Bernadette Melvin, Class of 1944
Kathleen St. Leger Mullin, Class of 1944
Rose Marie Laurelli Neczypor, Class of 1944
Patricia Toland Hyland, Class of 1945
Teresa Gallagher Kinee, Class of 1945
Phyllis Gillian Kane, Class of 1945
Marion Anderson Zalecky, Class of 1946
Virginia (Jinny) McGrail Meehan, Class of 1948
Annetta (Nancy) Simon, Class of 1948
Dolores Rapottine Crandley, Class of 1948
Joan Tandra Martella, Class of 1949
Jule Kleinz Biunno, Class of 1950
Mildred Dwyer Leinhauser, Class of 1950
Patricia (Pat) Sweeney Doyle, Class of 1950
Joan (Mitzi) Mersinger Trifiletti, Class of 1950
Catherine Gormley Rhoad, Class of 1951
Winifred (Winnie) Manion Glockner, Class of 1952
Mae Walther McLaughlin, Class of 1953
Patricia Kirlin Augustine, Class of 1954
Mary Sherlock Brickley, Class of 1954
Mary Sheridan Woods, Class of 1954
Sr. Mary Jane Darrah, SSJ, Class of 1955
Joanne Marie Kehoe, Class of 1955
Margie Reynolds Kelly, Class of 1955
Mary McGlinn, Class of 1955
Alice A. Lavelle, Class of 1956
Louise Ellis Wolf, Class of 1956
Connie DeBuono Machetti, Class of 1957
Cathleen (Cate) McLaughlin Truax, Class of 1959
Winifred Smith Pettis, Class of 1959
Andrea Lanshe Morrissey, Class of 1959
Eleanor M. Whalen Halstead, Class of 1960
Teresa (Tess) Knoll Boyle, class of 1961
Janet Micolucci Lombardi, Class of 1961
Dolores D’Amore Palo, Class of 1966
Alice Lavelle, Class of 1966
Catherine Lee Sharkey, Class of 1967
Virginia Massa Belvich, Class of 1968
Geralyn (Gerry) Kirkpatrick Mattera, Class of 1974
Patricia (Trish) McDevitt, Class of 1981
Sandra Sileo-Piel, Class of 1984
Tyra Shyguy Smith, Class of 1986
Kimberly Johnson, Class of 1993