In Memoriam


The Alumnae Association would like to acknowledge the passing of our fellow graduates. Please let us know of any Alumnae who have passed away. You may notify us of the name and class by using our email,


Rest in Peace

Margaret Mary Callaghan Donohue, Class of 1944
Lillian Duffy Reinagel, Class of 1944
Dorothy Elwell Weiserth, Class of 1944
Anna Rita Joyce Boyer, Class of 1947
Marie Hopkins Bates, Class of 1947
Jane Mount Gormley, Class of 1949
Marie A. Ballantine, Class of 1950
Amelia Cetrone, Class of 1950
Lillian MacIntyre Stevenson, Class of 1950
Laura McLoughlin McCandless, Class of 1951
Eileen O’Hara Barclay, Class of 1952
Patricia Kelly Brannan, Class of 1952
Joanna Joseph Winterle, Class of 1952
Mary Deacon Mensack, Class of 1953
Isabelle Johnston, Class of 1955
Helen Hayes Kapp, Class of 1955
Frances T. Marinari, Class of 1955
June Geller Vincent, Class of 1955
Rose Fowler Bell, Class of 1956
Rosemary Malfara Volovage, Class of 1956 
Joan McGarvey Everson, Class of 1957
Irene Caulder Walsh, Class of 1957
Lillian McGarvey Ideo, Class of 1958
Rosemary Stanton Kiely, Class of 1958
Lorretta Mount Savastio, Class of 1958
Barbara Williams Driadon, Class of 1960
Joanne McCallin Higgins, Class of 1960
Joan Picaud Sheehan, Class of 1960
Rosalie Carey Hall, Class of 1960
Patricia Hagendorf Gritti, Class of 1961
Dolores Trawka Mock, Class of 1961
Patricia Keeley Dolan, Class of 1962
Patricia McCallin Cunningham, Class of 1964
Agnes Murray Poznek, Class of 1965
Lucille A. Ciaccia, Class of 1966
Mary Lutz Izzo, Class of 1969