Alumnae Board

Board Photo

Below is a list of the Alumnae Board Members and Class Reps. You may contact them through the email address for the Alumnae.


1940 Margaret Porter 1962 Marie DiStefano Petolicchio
1942 Phyllis Lebano Dunn 1963 Donna Livoy Houghton
1948 Kathleen Martin Fahey 1964 Anne Henry Organ
1950 Mary Maxwell Flynn 1965 Betty McGrath Diedrick
1953 Helen Deane Concannon
Peggy Gallagher Riley
1966 Kathleen Schultz Buchanan
1954 Dolores Driver Schnitzel 1967 Roe Cipollone Mitchell
1955 Peggy Henry Glancey
Patricia McGovern-Gottschall
Helen Sheridan
1967 Lucille Madalion
1956 Cass Jarrett Coakley 1969 Hannah Dougherty Campbell
1957 Anna Melella Bruno 1970 Sr. Denise Ware. SFCC
1958 Sr. Claire Smith, SHCJ
Felicia Gerace Lynch
1971 Peggy Ford Rhoades
1959 Joan O’Connor Mullarkey
Christine Jackson
1973 Kathy Deluca Maloney
1960 Frances DiStefano Ranieri
Mary Maguin Small
 1974  Kirsti Flemming Bradford
1961 Betsy Gleason Cunningham
Rosalie Dugan McNeff
Rose Frank
Pat McLaughlin
Barbara Spencer Britton
 1975  Tina Spivey Randall